Dog + Bone

Bowen Ames

Bowen Ames is a freelance Creative and Art Director based in Portland, Oregon. The nature of his work is kaleidoscopic, taking him far and wide on film and photography shoots across North America for clients ranging from music labels to tech companies, fashion brands to travel publications. Bowen's consideration for future projects primarily hinges on whether or not his Australian Shepard and loyal travel-mate, Camper, can join him on location. The two have traveled some fifteen-thousand miles of North American highway together over the last two years. With their tiny camper in tow, Bowen and Camper are often accompanied by the third member of their crew: an equally well-traveled, old cat named Birch. Bowen and Camper spend their downtime with a camera on hand, hiking in remote regions, visiting friends, major cities, or otherwise exploring the places in-between.

Instagram: @bowen_ames



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