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Our Guarantee

A major benefit to making our products in-house is that we can keep a close eye on quality. We stand behind our work for the lifetime of the product. If any product fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship, Our Guarantee covers it.

What’s Not Covered?

The product lifetime is the realistic finite amount of time that the product maintains its intended function given normal use. Over the lifetime of a product, expect materials to wear and fade, and mechanical parts like buckles and swivels to loose performance with use. Our Guarantee does not cover wear and tear from normal use over the lifetime of the product, nor does it cover damage due to neglect, improper care, accident, chewing, rips, tears or abrasion.

To revive or refresh worn items, check out our Repairs page. We’d love to help you extend the life of our products.

Materials or workmanship failures are rare and are typically obvious shortly after receiving the product. To reach out about Our Guarantee, email us at