Dog + Bone

Our Story

When it comes to the objects that surround us, we've always been in the less is more camp. We seek out things with a sense of authenticity and honesty; whether it's vintage selvage denim, well-worn Navajo rugs, an old house, or a broken-in pair of boots. There's just something special about the stories they tell.

When we adopted our dogs, Flora and Leland, we searched everywhere to find collars and leashes that fit with our values and matched the qualities we look for in things. In addition, we wanted something that fit our active lifestyle. We knew our dogs were going to be biking, swimming, jogging, camping, and going on all our adventures with us. We needed something that would be durable, wasn't afraid of the water, and had a great sense of style by the glow of the campfire when the day was done.

Combining Anne's knowledge of dogs, outdoor gear, and sewing with Ivan's design experience, we started Dog + Bone to create and share the kinds of products we thought dogs and their owners should have. Our goal is to create simple, honest, classic products that enable you to enjoy more unforgettable adventures with your best friends.

Thanks for your support!